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Few landscapes are quite so inspiring as the rugged terrains of Iceland, and the country’s musical output has proved itself suitably groundbreaking and unlike that of anywhere else on Earth.

Featuring the collaborative prowess of four of Calgary’s finest indie musicians working in tandem with two of Reykjavik’s most intriguing up-and-comers, EMBASSYLIGHTS captures a talent exchange unlike any experienced by either city before.

EMBASSYLIGHTS presents Calgarians past-and-present Samantha Savage Smith, Laura Leif, and Woodpigeon’s Mark Andrew Hamilton working alongside Reykjavik’s Benni Hemm Hemm and Prins Póló performing works developed during a residency exchange in Iceland and solidified with further exploration together at Canada’s famed Banff Centre for the Performing Arts.

While Calgary’s prairie vistas and the otherworldly sights of Reykjavik couldn’t be more different from one another, EMBASSYLIGHTS aim to prove the language of music is one internationally understood.