Holy Oker

Holy Oker is the side project for drummer Greg Bevis of electro/dance outfit Bear Mountain.

The new moniker taps into universal emotions yet reveals them in Bevis’ own unique and flawed way.


Bathed in synth-hooks and catchy choruses, Holy Oker combines an ultra-spirited Fischerspooner with a twist of Miike Snow-inspired melodies and a touch of Apparat on the high notes. His fragile voice and heartfelt lyrics blend together unexpectedly to mask the tender core of heartache with a cheerful outer shell.


Bevis creates a unique juxtaposition of pain and optimism with acoustic guitar, vinyl samples, synth bass and live drums to provide the dramatic backdrop for his understated and broken voice. “I’m completely obsessed with dichotomy and contrast in music and art.  Electronic sounds
overtop orchestral arrangements, sunny melodies hiding dark lyrics, scary cartoons meant for little kids.”


The EP was recorded, performed and produced by Greg Bevis, Andrew Mullin, and Andrew Kesler.





Releases by Holy Oker

Diamonds EP