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Mu embraces the cutting wavelengths of electronica, enveloped in the comfort and softness of organic sounds. They tactfully marry evocative storytelling, electronic instrumentation, and experimental production with a dreamy and ethereal pop overtone.  Their unique and exotic sound draws on the emotions and experiences of twenty-somethings in a jaded, yet still hopeful world.

Written on the tails of a self titled EP, Mu’s new single ‘Debauchery’ is a song that addresses all that is depraved, magical and tempestuous about the ‘in-between’ years and coming of age in an era obsessed with itself.  Seemingly caught in a perpetual reflection of one’s self upon one’s self, the song is an observation of the eventual loss of meaning, human fondness, and clarity often consigned to oblivion.  The mirror is us, and always only us.

Mu is:

Francesca Belcourt
Brittney Rand

Mu Discography:

Mu EP (2014)
II (2016)

Releases by Mu