Reverie Sound Revue

Your foot hits the pavement, you feel the city and propel into the flow. Negotiate the kaleidoscope of traffic. Sidewalk slipstream. The underground. Reality blurs and you are floating in space. Drifting, you hear the vibration of a future daydream. This is Reverie Sound Revue.

Simultaneously dancing between the enthusiasm of new wave and the earnestness of moody Britpop, Reverie Sound Revue’s new eponymous album is equally sophisticated and playful, picking up where its 2003 indie darling EP left off. Reverie Sound Revue is an otherworldly exploration of pop music, drenched in reverb, a soundtrack for zero-gravity.

As a band, Reverie Sound Revue has learned to not let space get in the way. In fact, they are more together when they are apart. After separating five years ago, RSR has created their new full-length album without all five members ever being in the same studio together.

Reverie Sound Revue formed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in 2002. The distinctive coo of vocalist Lisa Lobsinger matched with the pulsing rhythm section of John Marcel de Waal and Bryce Gracey, and the catchy guitar interplay of Marc De Pape and Patrick Walls made for an immediately recognizable sound that turned heads across Canada. A buzz followed and in DIY-style Reverie Sound Revue sold over 2000 copies of their first proper EP at shows and through Megatunes, Calgary’s quintessential local music store. However, the band had other callings and separated in 2004, leaving Canada and the world to wonder what could have been.

Since then, individual members of Reverie Sound Revue earned degrees in mathematics, engineering, electronics, architecture and art, and toured the world with Broken Social Scene.

In late 2005, inspired to make the album they were unable to make while together, they began writing new songs and exchanging ideas via e-mail as members were spread between Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. Instruments were recorded individually during the summer of 2006 in Calgary, vocals were recorded through the winter of 2007 in Toronto, followed by a patient year of details, layers and mixes.

And it was worth the wait. The result is Reverie Sound Revue, a cohesive collection of 11 songs filled with guitars that chime and reflect one another in curious play, and innocent keyboard lines that tumble over a propulsive rhythm section, all tied together by Lobsinger’s haunting vocals. Whether it’s the excited beat of “You Don’t Exist If I Don’t See You”, the slow discoball twirl of “An Anniversary Away”, or the plaintive plead of “I Could Be Dangerous”, Reverie Sound Revue is music to get lost in.

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