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Belle Game´s debut album, Ritual Tradition Habit, begins with bashful guitars, a soft wave of cymbals, and a pair of ambiguous phrases. `Ritual´, a sweetly haunting soundscape, lasts only a few moments before fleshing out a procession of wild and witchy tunes, full of melancholy, mythology and symphonic power.

Led by the hypnotic vocals of Andrea Lo, Belle Game take intricate guitar and keyboard lines, anchored by dark pop rhythms, and weave them into gorgeous, graceful melodies. . . the end result still retaining the rawness of a boozy confessional. Canadian indie authority Exclaim! describes their music as “…indie-rock at its best: texturally layered, with echoing guitars, infectious rhythms and horns, and lavished in hooks”.

“Ritual Tradition Habit” is a journey through 12 beautifully layered tracks, interrupted by the occasional chant, hymn and instrumental rumbling. Among them the spooky blues ballad, ‘River’, a song Pitchfork deemed “best new track” and referred to as a “showstopping, extroverted piece of musical theatre”.

Over the past two years, Belle Game has toured throughout North America and Europe, quickly earning a reputation for their emotional live performances, prompting Paste Magazine to name them one of the “10 Great New Bands from CMJ 2013”.

They released their debut album ‘Ritual Tradition Habit’ through hometown label Boompa Records (CAN) in April 2013 and released their Wait Up For You/Wasted Light 7″ through Bella Union (UK/EUR) in March 2013.

Belle Game is Andrea Lo, Adam Nanji, Katrina Jones, Alex Andrew and Rob Chursinoff


Wait Up For You


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Ritual Tradition Habit

Ritual Tradition Habit


Wasted Light EP