We Are The City

We Are The City has geared up for 2015 with the re-release of Violent, We Are The City’s 3rd album. Violent will be released via Boompa Records on March 24, 2015, then in Europe by Sinnbus on the same day followed by Tooth and Nail in the US March 23, 2015.

Produced by Tom Dobrzanski at Monarch Studios, Violent is an album of soaring highs and hushed come-downs, with dense syncopations going toe-to-toe with noise-soaked crescendos and delicate pop melodies. “King David” moves from aggressive distortion to gentle acoustic plucking to swirling ambience, while “Bottom of the Lake” places marimba tinkles atop a gritty guitar backdrop, and the cerebral “Baptism” builds towards the album’s most thunderous climax. “What we’re interested in is contrast,” Huculiak explains. “Musically contrasting hooky, poppy things with very experimental ideas.” “Ups and downs, louds and quiets,” McKenzie adds. “Negative and positive themes.”

With an indie rock / pop sound that’s difficult to limit to one genre, the sound of We Are The City is both dark and ethereal, yet upbeat all at once. With energetic and dynamic performances, We Are The City also give attention to visual aesthetics, using their stage as a space for art. Their musical and visual presentation transcends the work of musicians and filmmakers.

In 2014, We Are The City wrapped up their first feature-length film Violent in Norway. Back home in Vancouver, BC, Violent premiered as part of the Vancouver International Film Fest, taking home Best BC Film, Best Canadian Film, Best First Film by a Canadian Director and Best BC Film from the Vancouver Film Critics Circle. The film was also selected as one of Canada’s Top 10 Films by the Toronto International Film Festival, and won the Signis Award at the Amiens International Film Festival in France.

Violent (the film) was written by We Are the City and Amazing Factory Productions with a script penned entirely in Norwegian despite the fact that the band members don’t speak the language. The score echoes melodic motifs from the songs on the record, while the film’s narrative is an extension to ideas the album’s lyrics question. Both works are referential to one another, but each is a stand-alone piece.

This year, We Are The City is touring Violent throughout Europe, America and Canada.

We Are The City is:
Cayne McKenzie (vocals/keyboards)
Andrew Huculiak (drums)
David Menzel (guitar)

We Are The City discography:
Violent (March 24, 2015)
Mourning Song / Morning Song (September 20, 2011)
High School (March 22, 2011)
In A Quiet World (May 15, 2009)


Friends Hurt

I Am, Are You?

Upcoming shows
Cannery Ballroom
Nashville, TN; November 5, 8:00pm
Cat’s Cradle
Carrborro, NC; November 6, 7:00pm
Baltimore, MD; November 7, 7:00pm
Theatre of Living Arts
Philadelphia, PA; November 8, 7:00pm
Gramercy Theatre
New York, NY; November 10, 7:00pm
The Sinclair
Boston, MA; November 12, 7:00pm
Altar Bar
Pittsburgh, PA; November 13, 7:00pm
Pontiac, MI; November 14, 7:00pm
The Metro
Chicago, IL; November 15, 6:30pm
Varsity Theatre
Minneapolis, MN; November 17, 7:00pm