News — February 7th, 2006

Astralwerks signs Small Sins

Astralwerks and Boompa Records are proud to announce the addition of Toronto based artist Small Sins (formerly known in Canada as The Ladies and Gentlemen) to Astralwerks diverse and exciting roster. Small Sins self-titled album will be released on May 30, 2006.

Boompa Records, a Vancouver-based independent label, initially released The Ladies and Gentlemen debut album Small Sins to critical acclaim across Canada in September 2005. The buzz spread after a sold-out Boompa Records label showcase at Austin’s SXSW ’05 music festival, where The Ladies & Gentlemen were one of the label’s showcasing artists. Astralwerks then signed D’Arcy under the Small Sins moniker in late 2005.

Most Canadians already know the story: Thomas D’Arcy – the solo mastermind behind Small Sins – marches to the beat of his own drum machine. That’s what he discovered after spending the better chunk of a decade in bands percolating around the indie-rock scene of his Canada hometown of Toronto, ON. By Christmas 2004, D’Arcy found his band broken up and himself in the midst of a mid-twenties crisis.

“I was really questioning what I was doing with my life,” D’Arcy says. “Why am I in this band I don’t love? Why am I not making music that I do love? I was thinking back to how things used to be, when it was pure spirit and fun. Music had become work, yet I still felt like I should be getting to work on something.”

And get to work he did. D’Arcy retreated alone to the basement of his childhood home: armed with little more than a Roland 707 drum machine, a clutch of vintage Moog keyboards, and a sixteen-track recorder, he was determined to create sounds that reflected the passion that led him to music in the first place. After nearly a year of woodshedding, D’Arcy fulfilled his goal, emerging with Small Sins. A masterpiece of heartfelt electro chamber-pop, Small Sins bubbles with gorgeously layered harmonies, synth gurgles, and hook-filled tales of love lost and found as honest and bracing as the Canadian winter. Despite its intensely personal nature, Small Sins became D’Arcy’s most well-received musical venture yet.

Astralwerks GM Errol Kolosine commented, “I was already in love with the album and after seeing the band live only once, it was obvious they HAD to be on Astralwerks. Thom is one of the most extraordinary and exciting new artists we’ve had the pleasure to encounter and we see an amazing future with SMALL SINS.”