News — September 8th, 2005

Boompa spotlight on Indie 6 Podcast

Those of you who have cable television may sometimes find yourselves flipping through the channels, trying to find a show worth watching. It can be hard at times depending on the time of day, day of the week, etc… It’s harder still for those who have no cable and rely on bunny ears. Anyway, every once in a while something will literally jump out at you and you’re sitting there thinking “Oh my, it’s Sekiden! And they’re on TV!” So you stop there and watch the show because it has to be good because whoever chose the music knows what they’re doing.

Chris Robinson and Andrea Higgens are music supervisors for Arpix and they’ve gotten songs by Boompa bands played on shows and independent films including Radio Free Roscoe, The Surreal Gourmet and Life With Derek. They are super fans of us, and we are super fans of them.

Chris and Andrea also run a PodCast we listen to every week called Podzapper Indie 6 and the week of September 2, 2005 they did a show just about Boompa Records! The spotlight features new and unreleased materials from 6 of our artists including a bunch of stuff the Salteens have been working on in the studio the past few months. Go log into your iTunes and find the PodCast Podzapper Indie 6.