News — January 30th, 2004

Boompa’s 2003 top 10 lists

We’ve been inundated with emails from people around the world asking us about our favourite things of 2003. A full month into the year and we’re honestly tired of being hounded with this question over and over again. So here you have it – read up and don’t email us about this until next year.

Scott Walker
01. Belle and Sebastian, “Dear Catastrophe Waitress”
02. The Shins, “Chutes Too Narrow”
03. NHL 2004
04. Drinking alone
06. My new “gel” hockey helmet
07. Reclaimed spaces
08. Arrested Development (the TV show starring Jason Bateman)
09. If “24 Hour Party People” came out this year, “24 Hour Party People”
10. Vagueness

Rob Calder
01. Hobbits
02. The Postal Service
03. The Hot Water Music show
04. Guilty – Barbara Streisand featuring Barry Gibb
05. Possums
06. Dude, Where’s My Country
07. Dill pickles
08. The bus
09. Sock puppets
10. Kidnapping birthday parties

Sarah Tesla
01. Snake Horse
02. Mars Bar
03. Field trips
04. Red scarf
05. Main St.
06. Molten tofu
07. Sagerpout
08. Vampires
09. “Damn you saxophone man!”
10. “You Stood Out From the Crowd”

Erin Nicholson
01. Hansel, he’s so hot right now
02. The Shins, “Chutes Too Narrow”
03. Brown t-shirts
04. Smoking Lily purses
05. Dinosaur Designs resin bangles
06. The Max sofa by Bombast – I want it but I can’t have it…
07. Anything Mary Belgue sews
08. Metric, “Old World Underground”
10. America’s Next Top Model