News — August 25th, 2006

Catlow and Small Sins on Whistler Soundtrack

Check out Whistler – The Soundtrack Vol. 1, featuring songs from the hit CTV original series Whistler. With tracks by Boompa artists Catlow and Small Sins, the Whistler soundtrack was released this past Tuesday through Universal Records and features 13 songs from some of your favourite Canadian bands. Throughout the first season Whistler has featured many tracks by Small Sins and Catlow, and on top of all that, a song Natasha Thirsk of Catlow penned for her old band The Dirtmitts is the show’s theme song.

Featured on the soundtrack are “She’s The Source” from the Small Sins self titled debut release, and “Dose,” from Catlow’s Kiss the World. So if you are in to backstabbing, debauchery, murder, and ski resorts, go check out the show or buy the soundtrack as it features the cream of the crop of Canadian talent.

1. The Dirtmitts “Ordinary Day”
2. Small Sins “She’s the Source”
3. The Mark Inside “Carousel”
4. C’Mon “The Messenger”
5. The Marble Index “Never Ends”
6. Boy “Every Page You Turn”
7. Pilate “Turn the Lights On”
8. Hawksley Workman “It’s a Long Life to Always Be Longing”
9. Neverending White Lights “The Grace”
10. Catlow “Dose”
11. The Diableros “Working Out Words”
12. The Tangiers “A Hundred Million Feathers”
13. Controller.Controller “City of Daggers”