News — November 8th, 2004

CBC personality says Boompa is NMW’s main attraction

So, you missed our night at Pop Montreal…
“The Salteens, Run Chico Run, Billy The Lost Boys, and the Ladies and Gentlemen tore up Montreal’s Barfly at the Boompa Records Showcase.”
–, Pop Montreal Review Oct. 6, 2004

Then you skipped our par-tay at the WCMA’s in Calgary…
“Boompa’s night had a line-up that stretched down the block for The Salteens and Run Chico Run,among others…”
–, WCMA Review Oct. 8, 2004

Don’t you think it’s time to check us out?
“Congrats on your bill being the main attraction at NMW.”
– Grant Lawrence, CBC Radio 3 Nov. 8, 2004

Friday, November 12th
The Penthouse: 1033 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC

09:30pm My Project Blue
10:15pm Run Chico Run
11:00pm Leeroy Stagger
11:45am The Dudes
12:30am The Salteens

It’s a mere $10 at the door or if you have a fancy-schmancy NMW ’04 wristband/pass, that’ll get you in for free!