News — August 24th, 2006

Chicos wrap up tour and hit YouTube

Run Chico Run are second to none in their interviewing skills — particularly when countering questions posed by the many entertainment weeklies of our fair country. We’d like to share with you some of their words of wisdom now that their tour is almost at a close, and they are probably driving through the Rockies and back into British Columbia as I type.

“Touring is actually way easier as a two piece. There’s more room, more money and more food. Besides, splitting 14 tabs of acid between two people is way better than splitting 14 tabs between four people.”

“We’re just truckin’ our freak flag up a pole and seeing who salutes it–and if nobody does, at least it’s a sweet flag,” explains Shields. “I’m a firm believer in hedonism. If you let pleasure be your guide, you can’t go wrong.”

There are just two more dates left in the tour, Nelson on the 25th and Vancouver the following day. For those of you who didn’t salute the freak flag, turn around for 40 lashings and then watch: