Watch — April 14th, 2010

Christopher Smith’s Beckon Call, “Gently Gently” single and video

Boompa Records is proud to release The Beckon Call, the debut full-length from Vancouver-based Christopher Smith. Due out May 11, the record harks back to times long past–days both you and Smith alike are too young to have even known.

Having started out as a visual artist, Smith’s pieces were exhibited in galleries throughout Vancouver before he had even finished high school. When work began on his first complete album, Christopher retreated to his studio of choice–a bedroom. Modest in execution, the resulting recording, The Beckon Call, is a hushed and intimate affair.

“Gently Gently”, the first single from The Beckon Call, is available today with 2 b-sides via Smith’s website, The video, with shimmering snow globe landscapes designed by Hitoshi Okamoto, was created by the Vancouver-based collective SALAZAR. The feelings of loneliness and vulnerability that course through The Beckon Call are perfectly crystallized in this tale of a young adventurer lost in the wild.

May tour dates in New York and the Pacific Northwest will soon be announced. In the meantime Christopher Smith and his band, also The Beckon Call, will open for Lightning Dust at The Cultch in Vancouver on April 25.