News — November 19th, 2008

Circlesquare’s Songs About Dancing And Drugs

Vancouver born, based in Berlin, Circlesquare are set to return with their sophomore full-length, Songs About Dancing And Drugs, January 27 on Boompa Records via !K7. Formed in 1997 by Jeremy Shaw, Circlesquare focused on integrating electronic beats, powerful basslines and rich, sensuous vocals. Shaw has been featured internationally in The New York Times, Vogue, The Face, Dazed and Confused, Jockey Slut, Musik and Sleazenation, his music has been heard on “CSI:Miami”, “Queer as Folk”, and EA’s video game, “The Need For Speed”, while in Canada Circlesquare has garnered a rabid underground fan base.

Since Shaw moved to Berlin, Circlesquare has grown to be more of a unit. Shaw, joined by guitarist Trevor Lawson and drummer Dale Butterfield, began recording parts on Songs For Dancing And Drugs live for the first time at The Hive in Vancouver with Colin Stewart (Black Mountain), who also mixed the album. The result is an album that is dark and alluring, constantly calling to the listener with each rumble, shake and beckon. Of the album title, Shaw had to say, “I named the album in the tradition of Leonard Cohen, Talking Heads, Big Black, etc. I always loved the directness of Songs from a Room, Songs of Love and Hate, More Songs About Buildings and Food, and Songs About Fucking. Dancing, drugs and science seemed to be the most prevalent themes of the album, as usual, so I went with the first two.”

Songs About Dancing And Drugs pulsates, reverberates. It is an album for late nights and long drives and breakups and lovemaking, for cold mornings and matted-velvet comedowns. Oh yes, for comedowns.

Best heard from the floor.

Track Listing:
1. Hey You Guys
2. Dancers
3. Timely
4. Music For Satellite
5. Ten To One
6. Bombs Away, Away
7. Stop Taking (So Many)
8. All Live But The Ending