Listen, News, Released — July 21st, 2015

DRALMS announce full-length debut, ‘Shook’ ~


Dralms unveils a debut full-length album, ‘Shook’, which releases globally on October 2, 2015 via Boompa Records (North America) and Full Time Hobby (Europe.)  Shook follows up Dralms’ 2 celebrated EPs released over the last year; ‘Crushed Pleats and ‘Pillars & Pyre.

Listen to the ‘Shook’ single below:

‘Shook’ is defined by its hypnotic, rich and simmering heart of darkness.  “’Shook’ is that moment when everything changes. Where you hold on to what’s true to you for dear life, or let it all crumble, accept it, pick up the pieces and move on” explains singer Christopher Smith. Power, control, tension and release, heavy dialogue and a soft landing – ‘Shook’ is a world of emotions and extremes, a compelling and seductive missive, that might reveal itself to be one of 2015’s most unique.