Listen, News, Released — January 13th, 2015

EMBASSYLIGHTS Flexi-Discs out Today

EMBASSYLIGHTS, the side project which sees Woodpigeon’s Mark Hamilton collaborate with Calagary and Icelandic musicians, will be officially released today.
The self-titled recording will be released on an extremely limited run of flexi-discs encompassed in a book, which can be purchased here.

EMBASSYLIGHTS provides a creative freedom rarely found within a traditional band setting, with members able to swap instruments and explore without the constraints of pre-designated roles. These creative liberties create a dramatic final result, which shines through on their self-titled debut album. Ranging from the elegiac soundscapes of Bedhead, the rhythmic jitters of Talking Heads, a dash of ’60s girl group pop, and rock songs based on Icelandic folklore, EMBASSYLIGHTS proves the language of music is one that is internationally understood.