News — September 25th, 2008

Get a my project: blue EP, free!

You may have noticed that the Boompa site looks a lot different than it used to. Some people like change, and some recoil from it in fear. Some people just get angry about change, and others resist change at all costs by seeking to repeal the decisions that allow said change to happen in the first place. So we’ve decided to make the change a little easier on you by offering the gift of free music.

We now have 2 new online stores so you can get music in either digital or analogue format. For an unspecified time period you’ll get a copy of my project: blue’s debut EP with every analogue purchase. That means when you buy an actual record (not music communicated through 0s and 1s) we’ll drop an EP in the mail for you along with your order. Or, if you buy the my project: blue EP it’s basically a 2-for-1 deal! So accept that change happens but that it’s not without its perks. Take a look through the new site, leave a comment to say hello, watch some videos, check out the downloads and then find yourself something nice in the shop.