News — April 11th, 2007

Grant Lawrence’s Hylozoist fantasies

It’s true, Grant Lawrence’s fantasies involve The Hylozoists. Sort of… They’re part of his CBC Radio 3 Podcast #98 – “Join Me On My Fantasy” Go download it through iTunes now to hear the following:

ProCon – “Foxhole”
Sharps – “Buff the Mix”
The New Deal – “Gone Gone Gone”
Counterrevolutionaries – “Car Fire”
Ladyhawk – “Came in Brave”
The Sweet Homewreckers – “City on a Hill”
Hylozoists – “If Only Your Heart Was a Major Sixth”
The Sadies – “Oak Ridges”
Camp Radio – “Bleed the Real Estate Girls”
Great Lake Swimmers – “There is a Light”
Hung Jury – “Come With Me”
White Cowbell Oklahoma – “Monster Railroad”
Agriculture Club – “The Horse Always Gets It First”
Wolf Parade – “I’ll Believe in Anything”

Thank you Grant. We dream of you, too.