News — April 6th, 2006

Hylozoists join Boompa roster

The music of Toronto-based instrumental band The Hylozoists lends itself well to lofty analogies: one listener might liken it to a soundtrack in search of an arthouse film, another might find it ideal accompaniment for a macabre carnival carousel, or perhaps if Fellini and Leone had started a circus, their organ grinders would have churned out music akin what you will hear on The Hylozoists long-awaited sophomore album La Fin Du Monde.

Formed in Seabright, Nova Scotia by musician / engineer / producer / composer / all-around-good-egg Paul Aucoin in the winter of 2001, The Hylozoists released their debut album La Nouvelle Gauche on the Brobdingnagian Label in 2002. The record was mostly performed by writer/recorder Aucoin with the help of Jason Ball (engineer, performer), Dale Murray (pedal steel), Lukas Pearse (double bass, prepared bass), and Dave Christensen (woodwinds).

While still living in Nova Scotia and touring/recording with the Sadies, Aucoin formed a mostly Halifax line up the band to support La Nouvelle Gauche and went on to perform at the 2002 Pop Montreal festival among other dates.

After moving back to Toronto in 2004, Aucoin started work on La Fin Du Monde. The band went through some changes and the Toronto version slowly emerged. Currently, the band has evolved to a permanent membership with the help of many other musicians coming and going.

The recording/performing version of the band now includes 9 members and reads like a “who’s who” list of Canada’s finest independent musicians. Contributing members of The Hylozoists currently perform and record with: Cuff The Duke, FemBots, Weakerthans, Old Soul, Fuermusik, Broken Social Scene, Hopeful Monster, Heavy Blinkers, Hayden, Minotaurs, Golden Dogs, Deadly Snakes, Andre Ethier, Sadies, Bodega … and the list goes on.

The Hylozoists new album La Fin Du Monde will be available from Boompa Records on June 20th, 2006 in Canada, July 11th in the USA and in September around the world.