News — April 5th, 2006

Listen to Run Chico Run at

Back in January, our USA partner Caroline Distribution, and XLR8R magazine, teamed up to offer an exclusive Virtual Listening Station on When it launched, Run Chico Run‘s Shashbo was one of the very first titles available. Awesome sticks.

It was such a hit and we got such great feedback from it that once Run Chico Run started working on their new album Slow Action, we knew we wanted to do it again.

Run Chico Run’s fifth album, Slow Action, was released on March 21 and the brand new XLR8R virtual listening station was launched today. Slow Action is available for your listening pleasure alongside of new albums from Thievery Corporation, DJ Ese, Royksopp, Spank Rock, Takagi Masakatsu, a label compilation from Ghostly International and a collection of DFA Remixes.

You’re looking at about 5 tracks of steamable goodness from each of these releases. Head on over to, click on the Caroline Distribution logo, and enjoy. If you like what you hear, you can click on “Click To Buy” which will take you to the mighty – super handy for our American friends but for you Canadians and overseas folks, might be better to buy them from your friendly neighborhood record store.