News — September 14th, 2004

Matt Sharp

Ten years after the landmark release of weezer‘s debut, The Blue Album, one of the most influential records of the nineties, and five years after The Rentals hit sophomore album Seven More Minutes, the charismatic bassist and front man, Matt Sharp, breaks his musical silence and delivers a sparse, hauntingly beautiful self-titled acoustic record.

The Rentals and weezer it ain’t but what it is, is a beautiful collection of deeply personal songs, backed only by sparse musical accompaniment – inviting an extreme intimacy and a real sense of honesty. His is Sunday Morning Music.

Sharp’s new found inspiration comes by way of Leipers Fork, Tennessee, a small country town seemingly untouched and lost in time. It is here, where Sharp retreated to work in the kind of studio isolation unheard of in popular music.

The choral tranquility of Sharp’s debut allows for plenty of room for the lyrics to breathe and the words to fully echo in the mind. In the album’s opener “All Those Dreams“, a near motionless piano slowly gives way to a dim-lit instrumentation. In “Watch The Weather Break”, the album’s centerpiece, an atmospheric soundscape surrounds a stream of questions that drift through the loose melodic structure. As the album nears its close with “Before You Go”, a sense of resignation, Sharp exhales “For all your sadness searching what can you show?”. Reoccurring themes of fear, regret, and a search for identity run throughout the album’s fragile beauty.

Boompa Records has come forward to stand up and champion this organic piece of music they know is heavily at odds with the commercial charts – where instant success is everything, feeling strongly that this collection of songs will be valued long after such superficial thrills are forgotten. Matt Sharp’s self-titled album will be released on October 26th, 2004.