News — August 23rd, 2007

New Rentals video, audio, free concerts and more!

The Last Little Life EP was officially released on August 14th! This is the first new music from The Rentals in 8 years. You can pick one up at a local record store, or buy it digitally through eMusic, iTunes, or whatever your preference.

The band has been updating their YouTube page daily. In the most recent updates you can see them scrambling to fix a Moog Source, Sara buying very important tour socks, and this newest one with Dan’s wife Zoe. It’s the first of a three part feature on Dan. Check them all out on their YouTube page.

The band stopped in Minneapolis for a radio appearance on public radio. You can listen to the entire session here. They played 3 songs of the EP: “Last Romantic Day”, “Life Without a Brain”, and “Sweetness and Tenderness”.

On Friday August 17th, The Rentals headed into the WOXY Studio to record a Lounge Act Session. This session is posted on WOXY’s website and is ready for download here.

The sessions that were recorded for MPR were also filmed and can be viewed here as well.

Last but not least, the Nokia Theater is giving away tickets and passes to meet the band at the August 23rd New York City Show. Visit their myspace for more details.