News — June 6th, 2005

New Salteens album in the works

The Salteens are making a new album. Recording is taking place at The Hive which has seen such wonderful bands as: Black Mountain, Hot Hot Heat, Pink Mountaintops, S.T.R.E.E.T.S. and Destroyer.

Some of you might have forgotten about the band. Like that girl on the Salteens Myspace but the new album should remind you all quite nicely that the band is still around and has not yet broken up.

Before the recording sessions started I asked Scott how preparations for the album were going and he replied, “The band has been rehearsing like crazy in their practice space that is growing mushrooms in the carpet-for real.”

There is no name for the album yet and according to Kevin you can’t be told the possible titles because “their sheer power would melt the internet”. Kevin has been so kind as to keep everyone updated with day to day summaries of the of the recording experience on the Salteens blog.

The current state of the album is that the bed tracks are done and they are just waiting mostly for keyboards and vocals, some of which will be tackled this weekend once again at the Hive. According to Kevin’s blog entries there are numerous styles of song-manship on this album including a ‘punk-ish’ song, a ‘rock’ song and a ‘latin’ song but you will just have to wait until the album comes out before you can judge the relevance of these monikers.