News — March 1st, 2004

New Salteens video

There’s a new Salteens video for the song “Thoughts From Sound” that’s available for your viewing pleasure:

Directed by David Winsby and produced by Boompa Productions, the video made it’s debut last Friday on Much Music’s The Wedge. Much will continue to air the video as an “Indie Spotlight”. This translates to once a week so the odds of seeing it are slim. It’s like winning the lottery but without the money. Poor Salteens…

Useless trivia:
– The mechanical bull is the exact same one that was used in the Madonna video.
– One of the models in the video was the first to get killed and turned into a zombie in House of the Dead.
– The video was editted by Kelly Nicoll. You may know her from such songs as “Kelly Nicoll” from ‘Short-Term Memories.
– The hamburgers were made by Josh Skye who co-wrote “Empty Head” from the Salteens album Short-Term Memories.
– Scott Walker is single. Oh wait, that’s not useless trivia… That’s a cry for help.