News — November 2nd, 2010

Preview the Salteens’ ‘Grey Eyes’ in its entirety

The Salteens first full-length in 7 years, Grey Eyes, is in stores now. You can preview the album in its entirety on the Salteens’ official site,

Praise for Grey Eyes

Grey Eyes isn’t just something new for the Salteens, it’s a kind of masterpiece.” – AllMusic

“A pop album with a deep, innocent heart that tackles the uncertainty of the future [with] incomparable Spector/Bacharach/Wilson-esque melodies.” – Vancouver Sun

“Scott Walker has a gift… [Grey Eyes] is alive with brass dominating and arranging subtleties… [with] a respect for songwriting values à la Burt Bacharach.” – The Province

“Dropping the guitars altogether and adopting ’60s orchestral pop, à la Tin Pan Alley and Pet Sounds… It’s a welcome return from a too often overlooked gem in Canadian indie rock.” – Exclaim!

“I love everything that the wind section and standing bass bring to the sound of [these] formerly simple pop rockers… this is definitely their best album so far.” – In Your Speakers

Grey Eyes is a record of sublime beauty and infectious brilliance.” – Tuesday Guide

“‘Weird Times’ which veers towards the sublime… might be the band’s finest piece to date.” – Eye Weekly

“Layered, orchestral soundscapes that listen like a dramatic movie score mixed with perfect, Pet Sounds pop.” – Uptown Magazine