Coleen and Paul

Colleen and Paul

by Colleen and Paul

July 27, 2010
  1. Crepe Suzette
  2. Lady Bug Song
  3. A Home in the Top Boughs
  4. Please Be Kind
  5. Shouldn’t I Breathe
  6. Mermaids and Surfer Girls
  7. You’re My Globe
  8. TV Summer
  9. Paper Days
  10. Lullabye for the T.W

Equally unadorned, simple, and honest, the self-titled album is a labour of love that unites these friends and musical kindred spirits. Colleen and Paul are singers, songwriters and guitarists with unique creative visions. She’s a highly imaginative wordsmith; he’s a musical wizard with an intuitive flair for melody. Together, they have forged a unique style, one that defies a simple definition: ‘60s folk-pop with indie rock influences, with hues of psychedelia painted with Colleen’s sometimes surreal but always engaging lyrics.