Earning Keep

by Christopher Smith

28 August 2012
  1. Settling Pitch
  2. Knives and Sickles
  3. Pillars and Pyre
  4. Young Curmudgeon
  5. Pins On A Line
  6. Earning Keep
  7. Bitch and Moan Beautiful English
  8. Chapped Lips of the Mouth Breather
  9. The Meat and the Marrow
  10. Gang of Pricks
  11. Old Testament Violence
  12. Samson
  13. New West (featuring JP Carter)
  14. No Light Could Pass Through Me So I Have a Shadow

Earning Keeps’ resonance lies in its ability to combine the physical essence of the phrase with the many human parallels that run throughout it. It is a work of contrast and ubiquity, where roles subvert and the structure of class and ones pursuit of love and identity there-in fold and envelope each other. It is a means to an end, as the work defines the finished product; they are one in the same, the process honouring the outcome, the journey longing for destination. Smith wanted a cohesive sound built off not only simple pop idioms, but as well a more band oriented sound. The songs contrast those lush, texture-based pieces with sparse, minimal piano ballads and harsher, stark noise.