January 6, 2015

EMBASSYLIGHTS is a new collaborative project from Woodpigeon’s Mark Andrew Hamilton alongside fellow Calgary natives Samantha Savage Smith, Clinton St. John, and Laura Leif, paired with two of Reykjavik’s most intriguing songsmiths Benni Hemm Hemm and Prins Póló.

The ensemble boasts a talent exchange between six distinct personalities built through a residency exchange retreat in Reykjavik, Iceland, then recorded by Graham Lessard (Kevin Drew’s Darlings, Timber Timbre’s Hot Dreams) at the Banff Centre for the Performing Arts.

EMBASSYLIGHTS provides a creative freedom rarely found within a traditional band setting, with members able to swap instruments and explore without the constraints of pre-designated roles. These creative liberties create a dramatic final result, which shines through on their self-titled debut album. Ranging from the elegiac soundscapes of Bedhead, the rhythmic jitters of Talking Heads, a dash of ’60s girl group pop, and rock songs based on Icelandic folklore, EMBASSYLIGHTS proves the language of music is one that is internationally understood.