Garden Cities of To-morrow

by Lullaby Baxter

July 11, 2006
  1. What’s Wrong With You?
  2. Cardboard Armoured Car
  3. Little Song
  4. Sugar
  5. Fontana Fontaine
  6. Lord, I Won’t Fight You Anymore
  7. Antarctica
  8. Mr. Golden Happiness
  9. Let the Fun Begin
  10. Dumptruck
  11. Rattled Little Clam
  12. Jet-Pack

The long-anticipated return of Lullaby Baxter, who made her debut in 2000 with Capable Egg(Atlantic/WEA). All manner of far-flung tours, critical acclaim, birthing of children, composing of manifestos, and recording of new material has brought Lullaby Baxter to this, her Garden Cities of To-morrow.