La Fin Du Monde

by The Hylozoists

June 20, 2006
  1. The Fifty Minute Hour
  2. Elementary Particles
  3. Smiley Smiley
  4. Strait is the Gate
  5. Hearts and Harps
  6. Warning Against Judging a Christian Brother
  7. If Only Your Heart Was a Major Sixth
  8. Man Who Almost Was
  9. Lover Becomes Lovers
  10. Journey to the End of the Night
  11. La Fin du Monde

The music of Toronto-based instrumental band The Hylozoists lends itself well to lofty analogies. One listener might liken it to a soundtrack in search of an art house film. Another might find it ideal accompaniment for a macabre carnival carousel. Perhaps if Fellini and Leone had started a circus, their organ grinders would’ve churned out music akin what you will hear on The Hylozoists long-awaited sophomore album La Fin du Monde.