by Run Chico Run

September 21, 2004
  1. Jacques and Madeleine
  2. Lifestyles of the Living Dead
  3. Giddy in a Headset
  4. Blue Bike
  5. The Prophematizer
  6. Sing Only Happy Happy Songs
  7. Pugwash
  8. Star Booty
  9. Ol’ Blue Pants
  10. Fucking Up Can Be Fun
  11. Loose Body Shuffle
  12. Part of My Brain is Working Against Me

To understand what Run Chico Run sounds like, imagine going to a really psychedelic carnival on acid and multiply it by You’d have a giant rabbit talking to you and telling you the meaning of life. Then it would ask you if you wanted to take a ride on an oversized guinea pig for only 50 cents. The music that would go along with this experience would be Run Chico Run’s Shashbo.