Small Sins

by Small Sins

June 13, 2006
  1. Won’t Make It Easier
  2. Threw It All Away
  3. Stay
  4. Small Sins / Big Within
  5. She’s The Source
  6. It’s Easy
  7. Too Much To Lose
  8. We Won’t Last…
  9. At Least You Feel…
  10. Is She The One?

BONUS: All Will Be Fine

Formerly known as The Ladies and Gentlemen, Small Sins’ critically acclaimed debut is now remastered, including a shit-hot new bonus track. Small Sins is the new project from former Carnations member Thomas D’Arcy. Complete with circling keyboard fills, electronic touches and charmingly lugubrious singing, Small Sins echoes the progressive sounds The Postal Service and Radiohead.