News — July 31st, 2009

Reverie Sound Revue performs “The Leisure Lost”

Thanks to Spinner for hosting the latest blog tour video! Lisa Lobsinger and Patrick Walls perform “The Leisure Lost” off Reverie’s debut LP, which Rawkblog recently named one of the top albums of the year, calling it “a flawless summer soundtrack.”

Of the blog tour, Reverie’s Marc De Pape told Spinner:

“The four or so years it took to make the record reflect the distance and time between each of us, but I feel like it also removed certain pressures that go with being in a band. Pressures we consciously chose not to worry about. The result is our debut record, not our debut as a band. In fact, we’ve never played any of the songs on the record as a band. It’s very fitting that this tour I’ve shot and recorded documents the performance of the songs, in their simplest form, rather than the band trying to replicate what was intended to be, and should remain, a recording.”

Watch “The Leisure Lost”