Download — April 16th, 2009

Reverie Sound Revue, new signing and new releases

We are thrilled to announce the signing of Reverie Sound Revue. We have been friends with (and huge fans of) the band since the early days of Boompa, and we were more than a little upset when they broke up a few years back. Then they decided to get back together to make more music, and we drank scotch and danced a little, and might have broken into song.

It took a little while to finish (a few years) because the band was spread out across the country studying math and architecture and art and such, and vocalist Lisa Lobsinger toured the world with Broken Social Scene more than once. So they were busy, and we waited patiently.

We listened to their self-titled debut EP over and over and over again, and are glad that come May 26, when it’s released digitally worldwide complete with a new bonus song, you too will be able to put the EP on repeated play. And even better, on June 23rd the very long-awaited full-length follow-up to the aforementioned EP, which is also self-titled, but is even more awesome will finally be in stores both online and off. You are welcome.

Reverie Sound Revue

01. An Anniversary Away
02. We Are The Opposite of Thieves
03 Prelude To A Debut
04. Pretty One Play
05. Arrows
06. In Hotel Homes
07. Off Rooftops
08. I Could Be Dangerous
09. You Don’t Exist If I Don’t See You
10. May Be First, May Be Second
11. The Leisure Lost

Reverie Sound Revue EP

01. Walking Around Waiting Downtown
02. It’s All The Same
03. Rip The Universe
04. Passes & Passports
05. The A.M.
06. One Marathon
07. In The New (floor mix)