News — September 25th, 2008

Salteens kids video up on Youtube again

Scott Walker writes: “The Salteens made a video for a kids show called Yo Gabba Gabba. The song is called “I’m So Happy I Can Dance”. This all happened about a year ago, when our friends from the band Majestic called us and asked us to record a song for their Nick Jr kids show. They sent us a song they had written, we went into the studio with Todd and recorded, they went all crazy for it, and we flew down to LA to shoot a video. It took us 10 hours to film the segment, mostly because we had multiple versions of ourselves in the video and that takes a long time to film. I like the part where we didn’t use digital technology to create copies of ourselves. We did it all 80’s style, like Phil Collins. Although, a droid army’s worth of me playing a guitar solo would have been pretty cool…”

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