News — March 9th, 2004

Sekiden prize pack winners announced

This week, BOOMPA! employee Scott Walker takes time out of his busy day (which today included trying to figure out which stolen coffee mug on his desk needed to be returned to which coffee shop) to answer an e-mail that was submitted to him through the wonders of the internet technologies that power


I was wondering when the winner for the competition to win the Sekiden
Prize Pack will be drawn???


Hey George, thanks for the e-mail. You’re right, Sekiden sure is a great band and the only thing better than winning a copy of their new CD “Junior Fiction” would be seeing the band play live. As president of an indie record label, I often don’t pay attention to what people are saying to me. Later, when I am confused about things, like when I might get to see Sekiden play live in my own town, I check out the Boompa web site. Then, when people ask me questions like “hey, when is Sekiden playing next”, and “hey, are you even listening to me? Or are you thinking about new office supplies again?” I am able to respond, “why yes, Sekiden is rocking hard in X-ville on Y-day. Don’t you know anything?… And can I borrow your stapler?”

So, there you are George. Hope that helps. And thank you for your interest in my life.


Scott Walker
BOOMPA! Records

oh. right. um…. here are the winners of the Sekiden Prize Pack draw and thank you for entering.

Al Hickson of Victoria, BC, Canada wins 1 copy of “Junior Fiction”, 1 Sekiden T-shirt, 1 copy of “1+1=Heartache” CD single, and several Sekiden pins (or “badges” as they call them in Australia).

Rachel Perriccioli of Toronto, Ontario, Canada wins 1 copy of “Junior Fiction”.

James Hickey of Tempe, Arizona, USA wins 1 copy of “Junior Fiction” and a punch in the head!