News — December 3rd, 2015

Dralms’ “Shook” is in CBC’s Best Canadian Albums of 2015

Dralms debut album “Shook” has been added to CBC’s Best Canadian Albums of 2015 list.  Here is what CBC had to say about the release:


“Fans of Vancouver singer-songwriter Christopher Smith will instantly recognize Dralms. Not only is it the name of Smith’s new band, also consisting of members from Siskiyou and Failing, but on their full-length debut, they reinterpret Smith’s previously released “Pillars & Pyre” and somehow manage to make it sound even more devastating than the original. Critics have compared Dralms to Radiohead, especially for their lush, evocative synths and the way in which they breathe so much life into electronic textures. I can’t help but be reminded of Sade or, more recently, Canadian/American R&B duo Rhye for their ability”