News — May 6th, 2016

Since the Release of T R O U B L E, Woodpigeon has Received Overwhelming Media Support



Since releasing T R O U B L E in April 2016, Woodpigeon has been receiving overwhelming attention from the media.  Here are just some of the things press has had to say about the new album.


”Woodpidgeon has always tugged firmly at the heartstrings, but never with quite as much force as on T R O U B L E.”

T R O U B L E is tremendous, and a pointed reminder that when Hamilton is on form and on fire, he produces work that sits several rungs above the current accepted norm for popular Americana. So, if you’re ready for a change from the yawnsome promoting of the usual characters – all beards, groove and little in the way of tunes – here’s an album that has the audacity to aim higher than market demands. It seethes with ambition.”
Words and Guitars
“TROUBLE is a strange thing. If an album were an animal this would be a nocturnal beast, ornery and difficult under the blinding brightness of day”.
– David Harvey (Record Collector)