News — March 22nd, 2005

SxSW and the Ladies and Gentlemen

Sadly, the drunken debauchery of SXSW is over and everyone from Boompa is back to being cold all the time. Boompa brought down Leeroy Stagger, The Salteens, Run Chico Run and The Ladies and Gentlemen to showcase at this years festival. We’ll post photos and more news in the days to come but for now, here’s some press on the Ladies and Gentlemen.

Aaron Wherry of the National Post “saw the future of rock n’ roll. It is the Ladies and Gentlemen.”

The Province‘s Stuart Derdeyn was at the Boompa Records showcase too and in today’s feature “Canucks Draw Raves at SXSW” he lists Tegan and Sara, Boy and controller.controller along with The Ladies and Gentlemen as the great Canadian discoveries of the festival. He writes:

“The best Canadian band you’ve never heard of … The Ladies and Gentlemen is signed to feisty Vancouver indie imprint Boompa Records. Right at home on the label run by grossly underrated pop nuggeteers the Salteens, the Toronto quintet fronted by former Carnations member Thom D’Arcy is described in the official SXSW guide as “Canada’s answer to Grandaddy.” NOT! The sound is closer to XTC channelling Beautiful South through Flaming Lips than those droning California art wanks. From its matching whites – Fruit of the Loom tees and polyester deckhand slacks straight off Love Boat – to a potentially lethal handclap fetish, this unit’s live show is all fun, all the time.”