News — September 17th, 2004

The Chicos open for Hope of the States

Run Chico Run will perform this Sunday, September 19th at Richard’s on Richards in Vancouver as the opening act for Hope of the States.

“With Hope of the States pegged as this year’s successor to Sigur Ros and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, North America will be hearing plenty about the band in the coming months. The hype has already reached feverlike heights overseas, with the Chichester, England, five-piece enjoying the kind of press that tends to pack venues on this side of the pond. The Sunday Times declared HOTS’s first recording, “Black Dollar Bills”, “one of the most extraordinary debut singles in years”. Not to be outdone with the superlatives, NME hailed the subsequent debut album, The Lost Riots, as a stone-cold classic that’s reinvented the rock ‘n’ wheel. ” – Georgia Straight

“If recent releases by Frog Eyes and Run Chico Run are anything to go by, Victoria is slowly driving its musicians insane. Shashbo, Run Chico Run’s fourth album, is overrun with keyboards, keening vocals, blasts of noise, and continuously shifting arrangements that sound like the product of delusional personalities. Band cohorts Mike Skillings and Thomas Shields operate in their own warped universe and mix horror-show synths, serrated guitar chords, and falsetto vocals as a form of self-medication as much as for the edification of an audience. Some songs do take on recognizable shapes, though. “Jacques and Madeline” is the aural equivalent of a pots-and-pans-throwing domestic squabble; “Giddy in a Headset” is a bad trip at a cocktail party; and “Pugwash” is a pretty invitation to “Move on out to Pugwash with me/We’ll get a little house and plant some little trees”. There are other small, human moments tucked away in the tracks as well, and it is Run Chico Run’s ability to intersperse these with its more chaotic tendencies that makes Shashbo worth revisiting.” – Georgia Straight