News — May 17th, 2005

The Ladies and Gentlemen debut July 12

A little over a year ago, Thomas D’Arcy quit his band which was called The Carnations.

Nestled in his basement, the solo project that would eventually become The Ladies and Gentlemen slowly took shape. Considering he is neither a lady, nor gentleman really, nor plural, we lay wide awake at night stymied as to how he came up with the name.

Regardless of that fact, listeners got their first taste of the new project when the song “Stay” was included on Boompa’s first compilation, Boompa Volume 1. A sumptuous blend of upbeat pop and introspective lyrical themes, the track served as an accurate representation of what was to come.

A one-man show on record, The Ladies and Gentlemen are now a full-fledged band, featuring D’Arcy, guitarist/keyboardists, Andreas Tompros and Steve Kreklo, drummer Shayne Cox, and keyboardist/handclapper, Kevin Hilliard. They have already played well-received sets at both Canadian Music Week (Toronto) and at SXSW (Austin). Not only do they sound incredible but look really spiffy ’cause they wear all white.

So if you ever see a bunch of guys clad in white onstage, playing some of the most brilliant indie pop you’ve heard in quite a while, they’re not just a band of moonlighting milkmen. The Ladies and Gentlemen is merely one of the best things to happen to Canadian indie rock in recent memory.