News — February 1st, 2004

The Lucksmiths are the best

For over a decade, Australia’s The Lucksmiths have released too many recordings to list, including five studio albums that have sold over 55,000 copies worldwide. Two years after their last studio album Why That Doesn’t Surprise Me won the hearts of pop lovers and critics around the world, The Lucksmiths return with Naturaliste. The highly anticipated new record confirms the reputation of this Melbourne band, offering eleven examples of instantly memorable indie pop music to win you all over again.

The Lucksmiths’ fifth studio album in a decade is also their finest hour. Naturaliste represents reassurance that pop music can be affecting rather than affected, and further evidence, were it needed, of why “if there is to be a way back to world domination for melodic intelligent pop – The Lucksmiths are likely to be in the vanguard.”

Naturaliste, The Lucksmiths’ Canadian debut, is scheduled for release on Febuary 24, 2004 on Boompa Records.