News — May 5th, 2014

We Are The City Announce Their Feature Length Film, Violent


Boompa’s We Are The City have just announced, Violent – the feature-length, foreign-language film the group collectively wrote, cast, directed and scored, alongside Amazing Factory Productions will be screened as a Perspective Canada Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival this month.

Set in picturesque Bergen, Norway and shot over 13 days, Violent’s story revolves around the film’s young protagonist (Dagny), who, in the midst of experiencing a catastrophic event is remembering the five people who love her most. See and share the official trailer for Violenthere: The Violent film is a companion to the band’s critically celebrated 2014 album of the same name.

Just a few weeks ago, We Are The City premiered a daring and distinctive new video for Violent album track Friends Hurt via Noisey. Collaborating, as always with Amazing Factory Productions the band were heavily involved in the production and elaborate set construction that spanned the several days, and then spent a 24 hour cycle of continuous takes to get the video done. We Are The City has spent the last few weeks on tour in Europe with Aidan Knight, with the last show of the run of shows happening this evening in Münster, Germany. Stay tuned for more information on We Are The City and Violent.

Watch/share the official Violent trailer, here

Watch/share WATC’s latest video, Friends Hurthere