News — January 5th, 2004

Welcome Boompa

The world of Boompa officially opened its doors in September 2003. However, the idea began to form sometime ago when Scott L.D. Walker decided to become the full-time manager for his band The Salteens. A lot of great things were happening for the band, but something was missing, and trumpet/guitar player Rob Calder agreed that “something” needed to be found. Before long The Salteens, Let Go of Your Bad Days was released spring 2003 by Boompa Records.

It was about that time when Scott and Rob met Sarah Tesla. Sarah was involved in many projects, which included Managing Editor of Capital Magazine, and freelance writing. Swimming in a sea of ideas, in no time at all the three began to piece together what’s become this amazing world called Boompa.

Summer 2003 saw the production company form, providing services in publicity, music placement, promotions, booking – and web services? Ideas were growing so fast that we found ourselves looking for the next piece of the pie. Well, lo and behold the amazing design talents of Erin Nicholson ( were here all along. Erin and Scott hunkered down to work on some details – and well, just go ahead and see what they’ve done!!

This is just the beginning (how cliché), but really, 2004 is going to be an exciting year, with two releases this spring from Australia’s Sekiden and The Lucksmiths, and two very anticipated releases for the fall by The Salteens and Kevin Kane. Stay up-to-date online or give us a call!