News — December 13th, 2012

Woodpigeon announces New LP with Boompa/Fierce Panda

Woodpigeon, aka Mark Andrew Hamilton, has announced he will release his fifth full-length album, Thumbtacks + Glue, on Boompa and UK label Fierce Panda (Acres of Lions, Death Cab for Cutie, You Say Party!) this upcoming February.

While this is Woodpigeon’s first official full-length release since 2010, the past few years have included releases of the bonus full-length Balladeer (2010), and the tour-exclusive full-length Diamonds this past September, sold throughout Woodpigeon’s North American tour with Patrick Wolf.

Woodpigeon has offered up a first track, “Red Rover, Red Rover,” to stream and download via here and via Woodpigeon’s Bandcamp page here.

Thumbtacks + Glue is set to release this upcoming February 26 in Canada and February 25 in Europe.

To catch up on previous Woodpigeon releases, including Balladeer and Diamonds, visit our Boompa Shop.

Mark has also announced details of a London headline show at St. Pancras Church on 4 March 2013. Tickets are on-sale now from SeeTickets here.

Thumbtacks + Glue:

1. The Saddest Music in the World
2. Red Rover, Red Rover
3. As Read in the Pine Bluff Commercial
4. Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard
5. Little Wings
6. Sufferin’ Suckatash
7. Robin Song
8. Edinburgh
9. Hermit
10. Thumbtacks + Glue