News — January 25th, 2010

Woodpigeon to release US debut ‘Die Stadt Muzikanten’ and ‘Treasury Library Canada’ March 9 through Boompa

Calgary, Alberta’s Woodpigeon will release their third lp and U.S. debut, Die Stadt Muzikanten, March 9 through Boompa along with their sophomore lp, Treasury Library Canada. Led by prolific songwriter, Mark Andrew of the Hamiltons, Woodpigeon has garnered glowing critical acclaim both in their home country and as well as in Europe, where the band has toured extensively the past two years. Hamilton was inspired to write Die Stadt Muzikanten during one of his European travels to Germany and Austria where is grandparents immigrated from after World War II. The lush, stunning, orchestral-pop is both intimate and inspiring, delicate and powerful.

Die Stadt Muzikanten was released in Canada earlier this month receiving high praise and glowing reviews from the publications such as the Toronto Star who said, “not unlike late-period Elliott Smith gone wild… This will be big,” and Exclaim! who stated, “Woodpigeon’s third album is a bold declaration of who the band are and what they hope to achieve in the future.” Die Stadt Muzikanten debuted last week on the CMJ Radio chart at #22, and Hamilton will be in New York the week of February 22nd to record new material. Hamilton is a relentless songwriter. Die Stadt Muzikanten, clocking in at 15 tracks and 78 minutes is packaged with the bonus lp, BALLADEER / to all the guys i’ve loved before, recorded this past Autumn in Banff, Alberta with Steve Albini, Howard Bilerman and Husky Huskulds. Treasury Library Canada will also be packaged with the bonus lp, Houndstooth Europa.