Released — February 26th, 2013

Woodpigeon THUMBTACKS AND GLUE LP Now Available

We’re pleased to announce the release of Woodpigeon’s fifth full-length album, Thumbtacks and Glue, available today via Boompa in North America and Fierce Panda in the UK.

Thumbtacks and Glue, recorded  in Calgary with producer Arran Fisher and mastered by Ryan Morey, has already received a number of positive reviews, including acclaim for its “great songwriting,” “amazing instrumentals,” and musical “ingenuity.” (In Your Speakers, The Grid TO).

From Glasgow, to Manchester to Brighton, Woodpigeon is hitting stages across the UK this week in support of the new LP. Check our show listings page for more details.

Thumbtacks and Glue is available for download, on CD and on limited-edition vinyl (only 200 copies made) in stores and through the Boompa Shop. Pick up your copy in person at your local music store, or order online here.

Thumbtacks + Glue, is held together by exquisite harmonies, subtle orchestral-pop arrangements and lyrics about loneliness, digging graves, and “those songs we sing that don’t get heard,”” — Edmonton Journal


“Hamilton writes very nice folk rock songs… but he, unlike most of his completion, also wires them with dynamite and blows them sky high.” — Blurt


Thumbtacks refuses – if you’ll excuse the pun – to be pigeonholed as orchestral-folk… [It] trades in a delicate beauty that would be easy at this point to take for granted, but incorporates a broader, more electrified sonic palate that’s unafraid to let some edges fray or layers stack upon themselves” — Chromewaves


“This, I daresay, is Woodpigeon’s finest moment.” — Quick Before it Melts