News — June 15th, 2009

Woodpigeon’s Treasury gets Polaris nom

When we found out that Woodpigeon’s Treasury Library Canada had been long listed for Canada’s Polaris Music Prize we all shouted a collective expletive of joy [censored:ED]. We decided to ask Woodpigeon’s Mark Hamilton for his more eloquent thoughts on this incredible honour that we are all so expletive-y about.

“Seriously, if you’d ever told me that we’d someday find ourselves on a list of names alongside Leonard Cohen vying for the same prize title, I’d have laughed in your face. Really close and spitty-like. With deep, throaty guffaws. But, alas, it’s happened, and Woodpigeon’s Treasury Library Canada c/w Houndstooth Europa was named this morning as one of the records on the Polaris Prize’s long list, alongside such personal favourites as Chad Van Gaalen’s Soft Airplane and WOMEN’s self-titled record. And oh. Leonard Cohen.

“But where’s everyone else? It’s easy to feel complimented by this sort of thing, but once you realize who didn’t make the list, it’s kind of mind-boggling. Every blogger from here to Halifax has already written on who they think is missing, but here’s a couple of others we really think you should check out: The Blistering Sun, The Pale Moon, Hahahaha by Knots, In Flesh Tones by Azeda Booth, and where the heck is Julie Doiron? Still, despite the omissions, it’s great company to be in and we’re well pleased to be included. Thankyouthankyouthankyou, etc. It’s a real pleasure just to be nominated, and so forth.”


Jun 20: NXNE at The Legendary Horseshoe – Toronto, ON
Jun 25: Sled Island at Central United Church – Calgary, AB
Jul 18: South Country Fair – Fort MacLeod, AB

Over Yonder!

Jul 25: Trowbridge Village Pump Festival – Wiltshire, UK
Jul 26: Gateshead Sage – Gateshead, UK
Jul 30: The Swan – Ipswich, UK
Aug 01: Field Day – London, UK
Aug 04: Brudnell Social Club – Leeds, UK
Aug 05: The Fishmarket Gallery – Northampton, UK
Aug 06: The End – Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
Aug 07: T on the Fringe Festival – Edinburgh, UK
Aug 08: The Bandroom – York, UK
Aug 14: Haldern Pop Festival – Rees-Haldern, DE
Aug 15: Way Out West РG̦teborg, SWE
Aug 16: Summer Sundae – Leicester, UK